Rude Cosmetics UK offer performance-led, dazzling innovative cosmetics that let your creativity take centre stage, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Makeup is no longer about conceding to a beauty stereotype or slapping on a rouge lip to lure in a man. Rather now, makeup is a celebration of oneself. Whether you are going with a natural, glam, bold, fierce or a RUDE look, our range of high performance on trend and great value cosmetics will have something for you.

We create Cruelty free meaning our whole range is entirely cruelty free.  Better yet many of our products are Vegan!  You can identify easily which products are vegan by the green leaf icon on the top left corner of the product image. Check out our eyes page to get inspiration for your next look, be it a sultry smokey eye or a glitzy glam or a classic winged look, we have the perfect palettes for super creative makeup looks. 

Colour is our passion so if you are looking to add a splash in your life try our eyeshadow/face palettes that are travel friendly and come in a mix of mattes and shimmers that will work for any occasion.

Don't forget about those lips, they need some love too! Keep it bold or leave it nude, RUDE lip products are highly pigmented, long-lasting, and made to fit any skin tone.