We love makeup. Everything about it. From buying it, to applying it, to how it makes us feel. It is therapeutic, not to feel like covering up our personalities or pretending to be someone else, but celebrating exactly who we are …Are you a Nudes kind of girl, or are you a sassy girl who loves a splash of colour? Well, we couldn't exclude anybody so our beauty experts curated palettes for all personalities!


From our  Roaring 20's Eyeshadow Palette  highly pigmented and incredible finishes with every textured covered. This collection has it all romantic pinks and reds and silvery shimmers of the Carefree palette to the glitzy greens and stand out shades of the Reckless or the festival glamour of the Roaring Neons – your choice, your look, for an unforgettable entrance.

Our book collections give you a whooping 35 colours to choose from in a variety of mesmerising themes. If you are someone who can't decide between going bold or going neutral, try The Badass RudeGirl Eyeshadow Palette , or recreate your own sultry siren with our Merfantasia book.  For the those who like to par it down we have the Legally Nude book …  our highly pigmented pressed eye shadow and multi-purpose face palettes are made to craft any style, identity, and occasion!  

We're confident you'll find one that fits your style!

Eye Palettes

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A smooth, long lasting eye makeup will never go unnoticed whereas a creased and smeared look will never be forgotten. It can also be used to cover any other unwanted blemishes.

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