Read my isn't the only colour that can make a bold statement! From transfer-proof matte lipsticks to high shine sparkly glosses, you can break the rules and flaunt your lips all day and all night.

Nobody wants dry lips, especially on a night out! Our lip exfoliators are lip treatments you never thought you needed. Your lips will be free of rough, dry, and dead skin and our products do not contain harsh ingredients – so it’s a win-win . Baby soft lips will give you the confidence to try bold new lipsticks you've been shying away from. Speaking of bold, our Notorious Liquid Lip Color comes in 20 different shades!

Stay winter-ready and see which shade you like best; maybe a dark purple is your colour this season. Don't worry, our Liquid Lip Colours are high coverage and long-lasting that way you can enjoy your day without constantly touching up. For even better coverage, we suggest pairing any of our lip products with a lip liner. The Lip Liner & Brush is perfect for creating a base before adding a lip colour or creating defined edges around your lips to achieve a pouty lip.

Let your lips do the talking with our long-lasting and pigmented lip products!


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Renew My Lips Lip Exfoliator will gently buff your lips for a super soft and smooth finish, as well as create even-looking skin that is moisturized without irritation. infused with Shea, Grape and Avocado oils for nourishment. Apply a nourishing lip balm after exfoliating for a better result.

Net Wt: 0.134 oz. / 3.8 g